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susurro-dracone asked:

The crush thing is absolutely flattering, but awkward. Good, yet you don't know how to react. Being someone who actually gave up on finding love, it's also torturing, feeling you'll never get to see someone who'll love you. This is my perspective. Yours will likely be experienced differently.

Nah, that’s…pretty much the exact same for me :T ive kinda given up as well ;w; 

You sweet sweet person ;^; I cant express my feels at the moment.

I don’t plan on going anywhere T-T I can’t just leave you guys. I know everyone has their bad days, but bad news and depression wont seem to leave my friend and I alone lately :/ 

I appreciate every one of you who cares. I really do. I wish I could give all of you a hug or something. Really, thank you whoever said this, and everyone else who takes their time to bother with me ;n; 

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